What is the Best ERP System Based on a Specific Area

Some people might ask about what is the best ERP system. The answer is that there is no absolute ERP system that can handle anything. Some software is designed specifically for a certain industry such as food or manufacturing. Here are some ERP systems for different industries. 

Recommended ERP system for process manufacturing
BatchMaster is probably the best ERP software for process manufacturing. This software can fulfill the needs of big manufacturers that specialize in various things such as nutraceutical, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturers. This software is also available as an add-on on big ERP packages such as SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and QuickBooks. The available vital business modules are Scheduling, Costing, Quality, Formulation, Production, Compliance, and Mobile Data Collection. 

The Batchmaster software system will sort your inventory based on the quality status, expiration date, units of measurement, lot number and strength. You can also modify the formulas to achieve physical or satisfy nutritional target. You will be able to monitor industry regulations such as labeling, shipping documentation, reports, and transactional audit reports. 

Recommended ERP system for wholesale distribution
If you run a wholesale distributor, then Epicor Distribution Suite might be the best choice. This software offers you with a fully-integrated application sets that will give solutions regularly. Various industries can be managed using this software such as a medical, fastener, fluid power, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and petroleum. Many applications are there to manage various things like transportation management, inventory management, order management, purchasing, and accounting. The feature Business Analyser from Epicor will convert raw data into business intelligence. 

The basis of this software is coming from SQL database and Windows-based platform. This means that Epicor will work wonder if you use Windows software and will make it easier to learn and use. The software is also flexible, thanks to its openness of the SQL database, which allow you to react based on the change on the market. This software can be used greatly regardless of your company size since it is quite scalable. The compatibility of the Distribution Suite can be mixed with the Epicor's online trading network and Trading Partner Connect. 

Recommended ERP system for the construction industry
If any of your friends asking about what is the best ERP system for the construction industry, then you should consider using Jonas Premier. It is cloud-based software that is built specifically for the construction industry. The price is quite affordable for mid-size to small subcontractor businesses. The modules in the software are fully integrated, which can handle various things such as document management, project management, job costing, accounting, subcontract management, time & expense, inventory, and change order. This software also has features like full drill-down reporting, configurable form design, document approvals, Excel uploads, and Microsoft Office integration. 

This web-based software is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so you can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The cloud-based system allows this software to be re-adjusted in terms of scalability. The software is also quite easy to learn since there are three levels of help on each page. What is the best ERP system for the construction industry is probably the Jonas Premier.