ERP Software for Small Manufacturers to Use

There are several ERP software for small manufacturers that can be used. Collecting data is essential especially for a small company. Therefore, utilizing the ERP software that is specialized for small manufacturers would be better. 

MRPEasy for small manufacturers
SMB is the focus of this ERP software and it also utilizes cloud-based manufacturing production software. This simple software is suitable for small to midsize manufacturers. MRPEasy has a good experience regarding inventory and legacy manufacturing software. There are several great things about this software.

First, it can be installed easily within days. This software also doesn't have intricate customization and complex implementation consultations as long as you understand the ERP and MRP. And the most important thing is that it cost no fortune at all. Because of this greatness, many small manufacturers use this software to manage the supply chain, sales, production, and inventory.

Most of these software users have employees around 11 to 300 person. Although there are some companies that are able to use this software with more than 300 people, still the software is created to manage small to midsize manufacturers properly. When a company has bigger requirements, the MRPEasy can be utilized to do things such as tracking serial number, scanning a barcode with mobile devices, managing maintenance, and it is customizable to suit with your company's preference. The subscription money for this software is 39$/user/month and you can get a free trial for 7 days. 

Dolibarr ERP & CRM for small manufacturers
The Dolibarr ERP and CRM is one of the modern software that is easy to use, especially for a small size manufacturer. It can manage various things such as agenda, e-mails, products, orders, stocks, customers, invoices, shipments, and many more. You can also set the software to suit your needs such as for invoicing, accounting, sales, human resources, logistics, manufacturing, stock, and many more. One of the greatest value of this software is its free of charge service. The Dolibarr Foundation created this software in France around 2009. Their goal is to provide people with a free and open source ERP software. 

As expected from free software, there several things that can be noticed. First of all, it is quite customizable especially if you know how programming is. Then, the sustainability can't be guaranteed. The other downsides are that its documentation is limited and the support is kind of weak. Although it is free, this ERP software for small manufacturers might be not the best available. But, it is surely a great help especially if you want to press the budget for the ERP software. 

Fishbowl for small manufacturers
The Fishbowl ERP software is known for its ability to manage inventory and warehouse. Now, Fishbowl offered new software that is similar to the traditional MRP software that can handle things such as managing bills, production planning, and control, and manage floor workers. 

This software has an intuitive interface that also followed by good customer support and service. Aside from that, the Xero or QuickBooks feature can be integrated easily to handle accounting. The price of this software is around $4,395, which is quite good for an on-premises ERP software for small manufacturers. They offer you with a 14 days free trial too.